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Early Childhood development

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Libray & School Education

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HIV/AIDS Programme

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Social Empowerment Programme

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Community Kitchen Programme

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Envir. Health & Agric. Empowerment

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Ubuntu Regeneration Programme

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Early Child Development (ECDP)


-      Conceding a child the benefit of early childhood development is the most prevailing venture in human investment that a country can make. Entrenched in a deep rural/farm areas such as Pongola deprives our children the opportunity for a proper exposure to early children development and that leads to a delayed commencement of primary school. Furthermore Grade R primary school teachers pay more attention to a national curriculum made ready for all children irrespective of their background areas. It is for these reason the Pongola Community Centre seek to run the early childhood development in some areas of Pongola particularly those who are still underprivileged.  The Organization will hire professional ECD Manager and train teachers who will be responsible for a day to day development of our children from different backgrounds.

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Library & School Education Programme (LSEP1)


  1. Mobile Library

Although reading is linked to academic achievement, reading also liberate our consciousness, it opens our eyes to the world of information. Because the area that Pongola Community Centre serve have no resource libraries at all, our neighbouring schools seek an urgent intervention in the area of reading both primary and secondary school. Pongola Community Centre believe in investing to children & youth education through instilling the culture of reading. There is an urgent need for a mobile library where our books and electronic devices for research will be stored. The Mobile library will rotate from one school to the other in arrangement with the project proposed.


1.     Literature Reading.

2.     Writing competitions.

3.     Chess Completion.

4.     Art competitions.

5.     Basic Computer Learning.

6.     Research Library.


  1. Peer Education

-      Teenagers tends to understand well when the message is conveyed to them through their peers, they feel free to question and comment openly, for that reason Pongola Community Centre will be using Peer Educators who will be exemplary both by actions in teaching young people of all life endeavours. Peer educators will be afforded continuously trainings to prepare them for their tasks but we will be very strategic that it does not disturb their daily school activities.


  1. School Uniforms & Food Parcels

For any child to afford a healthy life style and a proper education irrespective of their family backgrounds, there must food in their table top and further clothes to attend school. Pongola Community Centre understands the inferences of the child home-headed families as a results of poorly parenting, previously HIV/AIDS fatality. Therefore, to stand at the forefront of the child’s success, Pongola Community Centre will identify and provide food parcels and school uniforms to the deserving children and their families on a monthly basis. The project will in extension help those families to have a garden for sustainability. Should the family in a process find financial stability of any kind, which ideally is what we strive for, the organization will happily remove that family from benefiting on foods parcels.


        d.     Career Guidance (Imfundo ikusasa lethu)

        The foundation of every community growth is rooted in education. The area from which Pongola Community Centre is operating stricken by extremely poverty leading to many children dropout school in pursuit for work in the nearest farms. Not only that, many female teenagers practice prostitution on N2 road with long distance truck drivers trying to earn a living. There is a little if not none that the community is doing about that, it seems like they have accepted it as a mode of survival. There is a high rate of school dropout in this area, children drop out of school and start working for farmers at about age of 14/15 and the end is not pleasant as the majority of them ends to alcohol and substance abuse and later on mutate to crime. 

        Pongola Community Centre in partnership with other stakeholders is taking initiative to provide a proper career guidance to primary and high school learners to prepare them for a brighter future. As the year resume, we will be assisting Grade 12 learners with online applications to study. Also, we have learned from the past that many student fail to enter universities and colleges because of registration fees. Pongola Community Centre will also work tirelessly to provide the deserving students (those performing extraordinary) with registration fees or even tuition fee (provided funds are available) for their initial tertiary education. With the help of our Career Officer, a once off career expo will be conducted once a year in partnership with the partner tertiary institutions.

      We will be assisting our community as well as the schools by first carefully identifying school dropouts then have them with other learners in school afforded equal chance to pursue their studies. We understand the history of our community with lack of educational adherence and lack of motivation that drive children to dropout school to work in the nearest farms. We will be working with our dedicated volunteers in finding out some of the early dropouts and have a serious session on career focus. We will put aside a budget for a school uniform for deserving learners whom our volunteers will identify have special need for school uniform. While bringing them back to school we will also have our own qualified teachers deployed in partner schools whom we will afford them extensive trainings throughout the year. Our teachers in schools will work normal hours together with government teachers but they will also dedicate themselves to do after schools sessions with some randomly selected learners those need special attention. We will keep records of learner’s initial performance as we launch the project, learner’s improving performances will be our monitoring guide. We have already started motivating Grade 12 to put more focus on their subjects as the year resume emphasizing the point that universities are now too selective to accept ordinary applications so those willing to attend at the university should start now working hard as we promise to take it into our shoulders to help them with online applications.                                            

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Ubuntu Regeneration Programme (URP)


The withdrawal of the younger generation from older generation owing to different odd motives has been envisaged, its negative impact is already haunting the entire country. Although our rural areas has not shown a typical street kids as a result, the home violence we experiencing each an everyday between parents and their children competing for power demonstrates the gap formation  between the two. Pongola Community Centre seek to close that gap by simple being the link between parents and their children. This will be done in a simple 5 affordable steps obviously with the help of our well trained volunteers.


1.     Identification

2.     Referrals

3.     Group therapy

4.     Home Visits

5.     Testimonials


1.      Identification

Through our infinite interrelated stands, our volunteers will identify the family affected. Our Ubuntu Regeneration project will be linked to our other school based assisting programmes like Food Parcels, Garden & Uniform, and Peer Educators for a spontaneous tracing through the behavioral impact of home violence to a child’s education.

 2.   Referrals

While the normal project is in progress, our volunteers will identify the child and do a family follow-up home visit. Upon confirmation of possible home violence, the family will be referred to our professional commended group therapy.

 3.   Group therapy

The proceedings of a group therapy will identify the actual underlying problem that leads to a home violence. The outcomes will be dealt once-of or lengthen to a short stay on rehab if addiction is discovered.

4.     Home Visit

An indispensable follow-up for each family liquidated from a group therapy will be done to ensure the effectiveness of a group therapy. Further assistance will be provided if the family fall-short.

 5.      Testimonials

During the process of Ubuntu Regeneration project, our volunteers will record all the proceedings. Our last step of the process which is ‘Testimonials’ will be the reflection of the process and the limelight of our Ubuntu Regeneration project efficiency.

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HIV/AIDS the Journey Programme (TJP)

 From the deadlocks of HIV/AIDS to HIV/AIDS manageable! HIV/AIDS treatments can safeguard health and give long & healthy life. Anti-Retro Virus (ARVs) has come a long way a lifesaving in South Africa since year 2004. Many people have survived from consistently taking of the HIV prescriptions (ARVs). ART is a relatively new part of the equation in the response to HIV and AIDS. As the epidemic of HIV/AIDS extremely affects frequently underprivileged communities and they are the victims of negligence of not following proper guidelines to taking of ARVs, Pongola Community Centre stands amidst its community to provide efficiency healthcare, proper guidelines on ARVs and easy access to ARVs in partnership with the Department of Health. Pongola Community Centre with the help of our dedicated community volunteers will conduct home based care for people living with HIV/AIDS. Support group will be initiated to allow a convenient platform for a responsive therapy. In partnership with government entities, private sectors and other public organization, Pongola Community Centre undertakes to work persistently to put to an end HIV/AIDS.

  1. Home Base Cares

With the help of our volunteers, the home base cares will be sought to all homes with people living with HIV/AIDS identified through our referral system and willing to be part of the programme. The department of Health work tirelessly to help people diagnosed with HIV/AIDS to stay on their medicine but to emphasize and validate the message on daily basis, Pongola Community Centre volunteers will visit those homes timely to:

o   Spend time and have multiple discussions with the person to explain goals of ART therapy and need for adherence.

o   Encourage disclosure to family or friends who can support the treatment plan.

o    Inform a person of potential side effects ways to cope with this.

o   Make sure the person knows that they should go back to the clinic or hospital if side effects become severe and not to stop taking the medication.

o   To provide adherence tools such as a written calendar of medications and pills boxes.

o   Encourage the use of alarms, pagers and any other available mechanical devices for adherence.

o   Help person avoid bad reactions to drugs. They must disclose to the clinic of any over-the-counter drugs or traditional medicines they are using.

o   Include adherence discussions in support groups.

o   Develop links with other community based organizations to support adherence.

o   Encourage links with support groups.

  1. Why Support Group?

-      To provide emotional support and coping mechanism for those undergoing a difficult time in their lives and who are willing to be part of the support group.

-      To provide information for its members so that they can understand the disease and can be able to educate their families, friends, colleagues and neighbors about it.

-      To draw strength from other members with experiences.

-      To share information around treatment, care and healing.

-      To educate people about antiretroviral medication and encourage them to keep taking their medication.

-      To build a social network of people with similar problems.

-      To improve the quality of life of people living with HIV/AIDS and their families.

-      To empower members’ knowledge about HIV/AIDS and help them to develop skills.

-      To reduce isolation and discrimination while encouraging acceptance of HIV/AIDS.

-      To elucidate the disease and promote de-stigmatization and community acceptance of people living with HIV/AIDS.

-      To strengthen HIV prevention messages by encouraging the community to have contact with people living with HIV/AIDS.


  1. Self-Sustenance Projects

-      For sustainability, Pongola Community Centre will encourage self-sustenance projects and co-operatives. Agricultural project will be one amongst other projects deemed as self-sustenance project that will encourage members to form a co-operative for animal and crop farming and sell to the nearest market. The second project will be woodwork, where members will form a co-operative and own a warehouse dealing in particular with fixing of cupboards, coffins and cabinets etc. Including people living with HIV+, all members will be taught the skills to work on their own in these projects. All people have needs to be met therefore these projects will be part of poverty alleviation and will allow members to use their different innate and acquired skills in generating income for their sustainability. Candover lies along N2 road that raise hopes for such projects as it will allow them to display their work for sales along N2.

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Social Empowerment Programme (SEP2): Garden, Awareness & Grants

Pongola Community Centre comprehends with the global needs for society empowerment primarily in the areas that directly affects the society.  Technology upgrades, Global Warming, Saving Water, Financial Awareness, Human Trafficking, Xenophobia and many more teething issues, Pongola Community Centre will cater to educate its community at any given time. Will also allied with the Department of Social Development in providing referrals for social services to deserving individuals.


 Community Kitchen Programmes (CKP)

        In the face of everyone we all seems fine because of our beauty inherent but our stomachs define our actual differences. While we can all paint a smile in our faces when a joke is cracked, unfortunately we cannot all paint pleasures in our hidden stomachs. While the government have done means to provide food in our schools, no one knows where those who have no food at home at all eat during weekends and holidays. Our own community is troubled by extremely poverty and we have lost an alarming number of home heads before and during days of ARVs inception. We have discovered a number of child headed families within our communities yet there is no nearby orphanage we know of. This is the reason we believe that having a community kitchen will sustain many lives other than trying to give food parcels. Community Kitchen will work as a center of all those identified to have no means for food at home. They will come eat and go. There will be a life skill session with those children during their gathering for food which we believe will impact to their lives as they grow old.

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